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Welcome to the web site. The Georgia Granite Association promotes all facets of the granite industry, but places particular emphasis on the granite countertop industry. Our goal is to bring you information about the granite industry, provide you with helpful information about granite countertop installation, links to granite suppliers, granite countertop fabricators & installers, granite tools and machinery as well as information about granite monument manufacturers and installers. All of the products and services described are available from the our member companies

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diamond saw bladesBLADES DIRECT, diamond saw blade distributor and the National and International sales division for Cut-Master Diamond Products has introduced the next generation of Lapidary diamond blades.

Lapidary diamond saw blades are used to cut granite slabs on machinery like bridge saws used to fabricate granite countertops or quartz countertops.. more diamond blade info here.


Used Bridge Saws For Sale - Good Condition.  Manufactured 2006

Used Bridge Saws For Sale - Good Condition.  Manufactured 2006SD 625 Bridge Saw $25000 each- Two Saws Available
These bridge saws were in good operating condition when disassembled.  Saws are sold as is and buyer pays shipping. Price $25,000 each which is half the new price.

More info here


Waste Water Recycling & Filtering Systems for Stone Industry

Pristine RS-PRESS - Recycle and reuse your water with a Pristine RS-Press filter press. Designed specifically for the stone industry, the RS-Press offers a reliable method of providing consistently clean water. The RS-Press is an efficient and cost effective sludge dewatering system and is available in sizes up to 100 cubic feet.  Plate Filter info &  photos here

The Pristine RS Clarifier represents effective and affordable water recycling. Proven technology utilized for over fifty years in difficult wastewater applications has now been engineered specifically for treating and reusing industrial waste water. The system’s unique design allows slurry to quickly settle, ensuring clarified water at high-flow rates. While operating, solids can be automatically purged from the system.
Pristine Filter System info & photos here

DIACO LLC now partnered with Breton

DIACO LLC, one of the Southeast’s best known granite machinery suppliers, has now partnered with Breton to become one of their few authorized USA dealers.  DIACO LLC will offer an extensive line of Breton Bridge Saws, Diamond Wire Saws, Waterjet Stone Cutters and Breton CLC Stone Work Centers.
Read more about Breton Stone Machines


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the best upgrades you can do to beautify the Kitchen. Granite has deep beautiful colors that can not be matched by any other type of countertop material, and add warmth, character, and value to your kitchen.  It is as durable as it is functional. No need to worry about hot pans burning or melting the countertop, and it will not peal, fade, blister and very resistant to stains. More here..


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Granite Countertop Companies by State

Granite Countertop companies from almost every state are now listed on the Granite Information Page.  The list is being compiled by CLC Web Designs who does web development services for granite countertop companies, monument companies and granite machinery companies Nationwide.  Just visit the Granite Information page and click on the state in the right hand margin. 

Granite Tools & Granite Machinery

granite counterop saws
Granite Tools, Granite Machinery and other Stone Machinery are manufactured and sold and leased by the member companies of the Georgia Granite Association. Find the right machinery and equipment for your granite or stone industry needs. See photos and specifications of the best granite countertop tools, bridge saws, hydraulic stone splitters, granite polishers and other machinery. More here.. Where to Buy


Granite Countertop Tools, Bridge Saws & Stone Machinery

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Granite Slabs

granite slabsGranite slabs for making granite countertops are imported mainly from Italy and South America. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are sold throughout the country. Importers of slabs usually do not fabricate or install countertops, but many of them will let you visit their warehouse along with your granite countertop fabricator to select a slab of granite for your project.  Some granite slab importers have web sites where you can see many slabs and select the one you want over the internet. More here.. 


Granite Wholesalers and Importers Monuments & Markers

Granite Monuments & MarkersThere are many granite wholesalers and importers throughout the country, but most are in Elberton, Georgia, the “Granite Capital of the World”. Elberton quarries produce most of the granite used for making the country’s grave markers and monuments, and import block granite and granite slabs from all over the world.  Granite products include Upright monuments, Individual grave markers (flush and beveled), Memorial, Cremation, and Garden Benches, War memorials (civic monuments), Mausoleums, Grave covers (ledgers), Vases (Turned and Tapered), and Granite Signs. What ever you wholesale granite requirement demands, Elberton dealers can supply.
More here..


Granite Web Site Development

CLC Web Designs provides web site design, web site development, and web site hosting to  the granite countertop industry and other small businesses. They provide web site hosting for as little with $7.95 per month with free domain name registration, work at home opportunities, internet consulting, graphic design. Based in Athens, Georgia. Visit their web site at


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