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Stone & Granite Saws - AccuGlide Saws

Millions of feet of stone have been cut with precision by AccuGlide Saws. Designed for heavy production, the AccuGlide Stone Saw is used for full slab fabrication, jobsite or prefab cutting. Manufactured in the USA since 1996.

AccuGlide 2000QT Stone Saw

AccuGlide 2000QT™ Stone Saw

Sets up in seconds-No clamps or suction cups
Smooth as glass precision cuts at 4ft a minute
Glides above the stone. No scratching even in the softest stones
Cuts 1/4" to the edge, up to 6 cm depth and 11'1" length
Powerfull 3.1 hp equivalent motor for heavy production cutting
40% noise reduction without extra blade costs
Proven track record and industry reputation


AccuGlide-Tilt-Table-(4)(1)Tilt a 1500lb granite slab by yourself! Our professional full slab Tilt Table takes the stress out of slab handling and provides a 7x12’ table surface for production cutting with the AccuGlide Saw. With industrial quality construction, full water drainage and built in safety features, this table is made for craftsmen serious about stone fabrication.

Construction and Specifications

·    Heavy welded steel frame - 7x12’ table top
·    Total table weight - 1,250 lbs; Height 37”
·    1" fiber cement board sub-top, 60% covered with cement board
·    Heavy duty greased bearings for long life
·    Full leveling capability for uneven shop floor
·    Frame epoxy painted for durability

AccuGlide Saws manufactures stone slab fabrication saws for the shop or jobsite as well as concrete saws for decorative scoring. We specialize in developing innovative new products and improving existing products based on our customer’s feedback. Browse through our site to see why we are the leading stone rail saw manufacturer in North America. The AccuGlide cuts, miters and bevels 1 to 4cm natural or engineered stone up to 11’1".         Phone 888-742-0358


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