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Applied Diamond Tools
Applied Diamond Tools is the online store of Applied Diamond Tools. Our mission is to provide high quality diamond tools to fabricator at fastest speed, lowest cost and most reliable quality. Unlike other distributors of diamond tools, we operate at the lowest possible overhead, thus are able to provide quality tools at their low prices. We do not over charge shipping and handling like others distributors. Our personalized customer services also set us apart from our competitors.

We continuously add new products to our offerings in order to keep up with the technology advances in the industry. Our online store provides valuable features such as:

Allow you to create accounts to simplify repeating orders;
Allow you to track orders and order histories;
Order discounts of up to 15% if you order more than $200;
Easy to place orders 24/7;
Secure online order, site confirmation from Network Solutions ($50,000 guarantee);
Real time shopping cart display;
Easy shipping charge calculation;
Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Google Checkout and PayPal

Featured Products

diamond polishing padsDiamond polishing pads can be applied to granite polishing, marble polishing and concrete polishing. We offer a complete line of diamond polishing pads for different applications. Wet resin bond diamond polishing pads are generally ideal for polishing granite and marble in stone shops. They are also used for wet polishing of concrete countertops. Dry diamond polishing pads are used on job sites for polishing marble and granite, although our ADT dry diamond polishing pads are widely used for dry polishing of concrete floors and countertops. Metal bond diamond polishing pads are more aggressive. They are used for wet polishing of hard granite and concrete. Order Polishing Pads here

DRY Diamond Core BitsDRY Diamond Core Bits - Monster Brand are designed to meet the demands of more and more core drilling applications right on the job sites. These high quality diamond core bits can be used both dry and wet for granite, marble and other stones. 1/4", 3/16", 3/8" and 1/2" bits are non-core bits. They come with either black or blue paint depending on availablility now, with same quality standards. 5/8-11 arbor fits standard polishers and grinders. Order Diamond Core Bits here

vacuum brazed diamond hand profilersThese vacuum brazed diamond hand profilers / hand router bits are designed to produce perfect roundovers, bevel, ogee and full bullnose edges on natural or engineered stone and porcelain tiles. With a 5/8-11 thread they can be used on any center water-fed tools, plus they feature an internal water feed for optimum cooling of the bit. A nylon guide on the top of the bit rides on the surface of the stone and a rotary toucher controls the depth of cut for consistent shaping. The diamond hand profilers can be used dry too. Order Diamond Hand Profilers here

Waterfed air polishersWaterfed air polishers and grinders have variable speed and are lighter than electrical polishers. We distribute different types of air polishers and grinders including Alpha Air-658. Waterfed air polishers do need a very powerful compressor. Order Polishers here


Diamond Tool Kit Deals
Diamond Tool Kit Deals with polishers, core bits, polishing pads.  Several kits available . See the kits and Order Diamond Tool Deals here.


diamond grinding cup wheelsOur professional diamond grinding cup wheels are designed to ensure fast grinding and finishing of concrete, granite, and other stones in dry or wet conditions. Our segmented turbo cup wheels are available in three grits: coarse (30/40 grits) for fast stock removal, medium (70/80 grits) for moderate grinding, and fine (100-120 grits). - 5/8-11 conventional thread - Maximum RPM 11,000.  Order Diamond Cup Wheels here



Diamond Drum Wheels We offer diamond zero tolerance wheels, resin filled drum wheels, vacuum brazed drum wheels and diamond polishing drums for sink hole fabrication and polishing. Order Diamond Drum Wheels here



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