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Granite Countertops & Granite Memorials
by the Bradford Granite Co.

Granite Countertops & Granite Memorials

Bradford Granite, a family owned and operated business, serves home owners and businesses in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida. The new web site is designed to provide retail shoppers photos and helpful information about granite countertops and granite memorials.

Granite Countertops
The new web site has new features that include information about granite countertops installation, site preparation tips and granite countertop cost estimates. Use the handy downloadable granite countertop template to help estimate the amount of granite necessary for your kitchen countertops, and then calculate the estimated cost for the granite color and style you select. Granite countertops are one of the best investments you can make in your home because they add permanent value in your home that will not depreciate. The web site also offers photos of installed granite countertops to show you just how beautiful today’s new colors from Brazil and Italy can be. Colors like Gold Beach, Juparana Dream, Emerald Pearl, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ornamental or Verde Fuoco are just a few of the brilliant colors of granite available.

Granite Memorials
Bradford Granite also provides custom granite cemetery memorials designed to your specifications. Granite cemetery memorials, sometimes called granite headstones, are comprised of an upright engraved stone sitting on a matching base. Granite memorials can be any size and made for an individual or for companions. These granite cemetery memorials are an everlasting tribute to your loved one and Bradford Granite will try to make the selection as easy as possible. The new web site has photos of several granite memorials to help you select a memorial for that best meets your desires. In addition to upright cemetery memorials, other monuments and grave markers are available including flat grave markers, memorial benches, cremation benches, granite vases, and granite mausoleums. Your granite grave marker or mausoleum can be custom made to your wishes in several colors of granite. If your cemetery only allows flat grave markers, they can provide these for individuals or as companion stones. Granite mausoleums are available for individuals or family estate mausoleums in several colors with up to eight crypts.

bradford1180The Maddox Bradford Granite Memorial
Of special interest is the Maddox Bradford Granite Memorial, a true work of art in stone, designed in memory of Maddox Bradford, founder of the Bradford Granite Company. This monument is available only from Bradford Granite and features mirrior polished fine Georgia Granite with hand engraved grooved pillar sides featuring oak leaf detail. It is designed with a bevel base for additional engraving.

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