Granite Countertop Saws and Polishers

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Granite Countertop Diamond Saws & Countertop Polishers

The Georgia Granite Association now  supplies all types of granite countertop and stone working tools to the granite and stone industry.  Diamond saws, rail saws, granite countertop routers, diamond saw blades, diamond router bits, profiling machines and other machinery from the brands you can trust like DIACO, Gison, Red Ripper and other great companies. Below you find examples of the granite tools available from GGA suppliers.  Click here to find a GGA granite and stone machinery supplier.

Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Jr.™ Rail Saw
   The Blue Ripper Jr.™ makes full plunge cuts up to 4 cm in depth. By using the rail system there is no need to use guages, shims or offset measurements. You'll have the accuracy and smoothness, but at half the cost. If either weight or budget are your main concerns, this is the saw you need. Click photo for more information.

Blue Ripper™ Rail Saw

Blue Ripper™ Rail Saw
   Fastest cutting saw on the market today! At 10+ feet per minute through 2cm of "Absolute Black" granite, the Blue Ripper™ is as fast (or faster,) as some bridge saws, but is a lot more portable and versatile.  And since the Blue Ripper™ also cut right next to the rail, setup is easy and fast.  Click photo for more information.

DIACO Air Waterfed/Wet Sander,Polisher

DIACO DPW 218Air Waterfed/Wet Sander,Polisher (5000rpm, Rear Exhaust) used for polishing granite. Several sizes available. Click photo for more information.

MSI SM212 Pnuematic Stone Grinder

The MSI SM212 Pnuematic Stone Grinder air polisher from MSI has a built in water regulator, an auto stop safety lever, a side exhaust and a 1 year warranty. It is excellent for polishing stone and can be used with diamond polishing pads up to 7" and with diamond cupwheels up to 5" diameter.  Click phot for more info.

Gison GPW7 Air Wet/Waterfeed Sander,Polisher

Gison GPW7 Air Wet/Waterfeed Sander,Polisher for sanding or  hand polishing granite and marble.  Click photo form more info.

Gison GP 925 5" Air Random Orbital Sander

5" Air Random Orbital Sander (Self-Generation Vacuum)
5" Vacuum Dust Free Sander.  Click photo for more info. 


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