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Bridge Saws for Granite Countertop Fabrication

Granite Countertops tools specifically designed for the granite countertop fabricator, and large machinery for cutting and splitting large granite slabs are now available from several sources.  These tools include large granite saws that have diamond coated saw blades for long wear, (sometimes referred to as diamond saws), , diamond wire saws that use long continuous feeds of diamond coated wire to cut slabs or make specialty cuts, diamond drills or diamond bits for drilling granite, granite polishers that polish large slabs of granite for granite countertops, granite countertop routers and profiling tools routing decorative edges on granite countertops or sink cutouts, and other hand tools and accessories for all these countertop tools and large machinery. 


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Bridge Saw DIACO PLC-400

Bridge Saw with used for granite countertop fabrication or other stone cutting. Starting at $29,500, lease available. The DIACO Innovations PLC400 Infrared Bridge Saw is controlled by microcomputer for fully automatic operations, and has a liquid crystal touch screen for easy operator interface. The tilting turn table can tilt at 85 degrees to load slabs and rotates 360 degrees automatically with 5 stopping points. Optional 0-360 locking system available for $2250 extra. One piece mono frame.
Optional wireless remote control to allow operator to stand next to work piece during setup.
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Granite slab saw, bridge slab saw, Shengda ZDCQ-400


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