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Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Jr.™ Rail Saw
   The Blue Ripper Jr.™ makes full plunge cuts up to 4 cm in depth. By using the rail system there is no need to use guages, shims or offset measurements. You'll have the accuracy and smoothness, but at half the cost. If either weight or budget are your main concerns, this is the saw you need. Click photo for more information.

Complete Saw Package includes:
Makita 7-1/4 hypoid Saw 120v 15 amp modified to accept up to 8" blades
8" Incursion series Ultra Thin Turbo Blade
(this is the best blade we have tested so far)
Premium water hose quick disconnect
10ft. water hose with inline ball-valve shut-off
GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
7ft. Stainless Steel Rail (same rail system as
Blue Ripper Rail Saw)
13ft. Stainless Steel Rail, one piece
(note this rail must ship via truck)

Technical Specifications


Takes full plunge cuts past 4cm deep!
Up To 4 FPM Cut Speed,
single pass through 2cm absolute black!
4,300 Motor RPM
Accepts up to 8" blades
Standard 5/8" Blade Arbor
One Hand Water Disconnect
Easy-Adjust Locking Height Adjustment
Only 19.8 Pounds in Weight!
Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA

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