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Gison GPW7 Air Wet/Waterfeed Sander,Polisher

Gison GPW7 Air Wet/Waterfeed Sander,Polisher for sanding or  hand polishing granite and marble.  Click photo form more info.

Air Wet/Waterfeed Sander,Polisher (4,500rpm)
Pneumatic Wet/Waterfeed Stone Polisher (4,500rpm)
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Specifications Features
Spindle Size : 5/8-11, M14, M16
Max. Speed : 4,500 rpm
Weight : 1.36 kgs
Length : 230 mm
Air Cons : 0.22 m3/min
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Sound Pre : 86 dBA
Vibration : < 2.5 m/sec2
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Packing : 10 pcs/1.25 cu.ft/G:19.5 kgs 1.Low vibrate and noise with excellent performance.
2.Gravity casting housing carries long duration of tool.
3.3-section-shifting knob enables user to adjust frequency of air for reducing free speed.
4.Centre water feed function reduces dust, and improves environment protection.
5.Water valve can be adjusted for variable water-flow.
6.Includes a reversible side handle, exhaust muffler, air hose adapter and water valve with hose adapter.
7.Both 3" and 4" pads are available.
8.Light weight (3 lbs) and compactable design are also suitable for single-hand operation.

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