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WerkMaster 1800C–TITAN Terrazzo/Granite/Marble/Stone Grinding, Edging and Polishing machine

Werk Industries introduces the revolutionary WerkMaster Terrazzo/Granite/Marble/Stone Grinding, Edging and Polishing machine. Four machines in one, WerkMaster's patent pending Octi-Disc™ Technology grinds, edges, polishes and buffs any stone or terrazzo surface to within 1/8" of a wall and under cabinets. Add our new patent pending Random Orbital Heads and see results you will never achieve with any other machine!

Are you tired of hours of edging and having to feather in close to walls? Lippage driving your planetary crazy? Fed up chasing tool marks? Exhausted at the end of the day from swinging your machine? Terrified of running over a crack in the floor? Spending too much time on maintenance? Jobs taking way too long? Profit margins too low? Walking away from polishing Himalayan Quartzite jobs? Can't touch black granite? Then you need a WerkMaster™ with Octi-Disc™ Technology.

Initially developed over five years ago to polish black granite, one of the hardest stones to polish, Werk Industries has answered the challenge of delivering a superior solution to frustrated terrazzo and stone finishing contractors worldwide.

Our tankless water feature allows both wet and dry polishing. Combining Octi-Disc™ Technology with the WerkMaster™ Eliminator vacuum system will deliver a 100% Airborne Dust and Allergen Free environment.

Virtually every competitor's machine on the market today is based on the old terrazzo planetary design, that can actually damage the surfaces they were designed to refinish. These machines are large, heavy, slow and cumbersome and follow the concept of more weight is better. Some are so large and heavy they cannot get through standard doors or into elevators. A large investment is tied up in a single use machine. Those that are designed to be lighter take too long to remove the surface material and cannot deliver the quality of finish that today’s discerning customer is expecting.

What makes WerkMaster™ so unique? Octi-Disc™ Technology and SPEED! Our heads spin at disc speeds that are unheard of in the industry and unavailable on a planetary! Think of a variable speed hand grinder – the faster your RPM, the FASTER the Rate of Removal or the higher the polish finish! We have eight heads spinning at speeds that produce the fastest Rate of Removal in the industry without using heavy weight kits!

Our WerkMaster's are fast, tough and agile, delivering superior results and Rates of Removal that most competitors only dream of achieving! Tradesmen are amazed and delighted with the ease of use and total customer satisfaction achieved with a WerkMaster


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