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Concrete grinding & Polishing Machines


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The WerkMaster 1400C–Europa Grinding Machine

The WerkMaster™ Model 1400C–Europa is designed to meet the needs of today's professional concrete polishing and restoration contractor. Powerful enough to grind, polish, edge and buff any concrete surface including terrazzo and all natural stone products.

Virtually eliminates edging as you can grind, polish, edge and buff to within 1/8" from the wall and under counter tops right back to the kick plate!

Ideal for garage floor restoration, residential and small commercial applications, the Europa features WerkMaster’s Patent Pending Octi-Disc Technology. Its variable frequency drive allows you to run as slow as 750 rpm which is an excellent buffing speed, then rev it up to become a high speed burnisher while edging , grinding and polishing as fast as 2000 rpm!

Job too big, then Gang together 2 Europas for an impressive 4 Square Feet of coverage! Twice the production – 1/2 the Labour!

Fast, agile, easy and fun to operate, test drive the Europa and see how quickly you too can improve your bottom line profits! WerkMaster – Taking it to the Wall!!


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