Granite Saws, Large Diameter Diamond Saws

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Granite Saws, large diameter diamond saws & polishers

Crown Construction Moving 11’6” Granite Saw With Auto Indexing

Moving 11’6” diamond granite saw with automatic indexing. Stops for slab thickness are
mounted on side of track for ease of setting. Cross-travel via rack and pinion over
ac variable speed drive motor with soft-start. Raise and lower 2” thompson ball
bearing screw and nut with teflon slides on flat cold-finished steel guides. Cross-
travel movement via radius wheels over 3-inch hardened round bar rails motor
drive to arbor 5ohp over 6 v-belts. Exceptionally sturdy four-beam bridge for a
cross section results in fast cutting and extended diamond life.

Technical characteristics:
•for blade diameter, max11‘ 6”
•flange diameter 16”
•cutting depth, approx 60”
•cutting length, approx                     
•raise and lower range, approx 66”
•arbor motor 50 hp
•cross travel motor 2 hp
•gantry indexing motor 2x1 hp
•raise and lower motor 3 hp
•safety features for water interruption, high amperage or sudden drop
in rpm (pilot lamp diagnostics)
•standard controls:
•automatic cut-to-cut sequencing via tabs located inside the bed area. Block detection for height of stone.

Total price
call for quote 706-213-6300                     

customer responsib1lities:
transport from crown construction to central granite, setting machine, foundation concrete and concrete finishing along with electrical and plumbing service to machine.

manufacturer provides complete parts warranty for 90 days after arrival on site. Warranty does not cover parts, which show evidence of abuse. Worn or defective parts must be returned w1thin 30 days for credit.

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