Granite Saws, Large Diameter Diamond Saws

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Granite Saws, large diameter diamond saws & polishers

Crown Construction Heavy 9’ Diamond Tooth Granite Saw

Fixed bridge type with indexing table. Table will index automatically from cut to cut with stops for cutting thickness mounted to the side of the table with easy access. Cross travel via rack and pinion over AC motor drive. Raise and lower via gearbox/nut and 2’ screw, with teflon slides on flat stainless steel guides. Positive arbor drive via geared drive.

•For blade diameter 9’
•Vertical posts measurement 12”x12’
•Bridge twin box construction, measuring 1/2”x24”x12”
•Extra heavy carriage with 1 1/2” solid steel pole
•Rail and rail underlayment 25’
•Flange diameter 16”
•Cutting depth, max 46”
•Cutting length, max 13”
•Raise and lower range 60”
•Arbor motor, 25 HP
•Table indexing motor, 1 1/2 HP
•Raise and lower motor, 2 HP
•Safety features for water interruption and high amperage
•Automatic and centralized lubrication for support slides and rack
•Track, 30’
•Water pits (2) 10’xlO’
•Water pump
•Crane service
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