Granite Saws, Large Diameter Diamond Saws

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Granite Saws, large diameter diamond saws & polishers

Crown Construction Programmable Automatic Granite Polisher

This granote polisher performs pre-selected sequences and run automatically from one slab to another whatever be the dimensions and heights. Machine has the abil1ty of polishing from 1 to 8 slabs of any dimensions. The body has a two-beamed solid, one-piece construction form. Two tubes equipped with slides for the carriage movement. The head 15 balanced on the body, so as to avoid any cantilever effect. A large vertical stroke provides great flexability.
•the wearing of the bricks and incidental overriding is automatically checked by the machine.

•at any time the operator can override the automatic sequences. Technical features:

•body: two-beamed solid, one piece construction.

•carriage: solid, one piece construction. Balanced right on the frame.

•polishing capacity: 8 slabs

•longitud1nal travel: 12 foot stainless slides.

•travels: powered by hydraulic motors. Speeds from (approx. 17/3 ft min)

•arbor: hydraulic pressure, cylinder, driven by poly-v-belts.

•control panel: close and convenient to the operator.

•arbor motor: 15hp

•hydraulic pump motor: 3 hp

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