Granite Saws, Large Diameter Diamond Saws

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Granite Saws, large diameter diamond saws & polishers

Standish Granite Diamond Belt Saw

Standish Steel has been in operation since 1978 manufacturing stone cutting saws and associated equipment for the stone industry.  Customers have relied on our high quality products for years. Narrow Belt Stone Slab Cutting Saws using the patented one-half inch wide W.F. Meyers Company diamond segment narrow belt.

These saws are full capacity production machines suitable for any company large or
small with sizes available to fit your individual requirements.

All saws are traveling gantry machines which run on a fabricated steel track.  Also,
all saws are designed to be size efficient requiring a minimum amount of building
space while delivering the maximum amount of cutting capacity. Also, all saws can be
made as stationary units by request.

diamond belt, granite saw

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