Lease Stone Splitters, Bridge Saws & Major Equipment Items

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Lease Bridge Saws, Stone Splitters &
Major Equipment Items Through DIACO, LLC

Lease Bridge Saws, Stone Splitters, Granite Polishers, Concrete Grinders And Other Major Equipment

steinex2-412502You can now lease Bridge Saws, Stone Splitters, Granite Polishers, Concrete Grinders and other major equipment items through DIACO, LLC. DIACO has teamed up with Direct Capital Finance to offer leasing options for your major equipment items. You rely on equipment and technology every day to operate and grow your business, but the value of those products come from using them, not owning them. Leasing offers numerous advantages over other financing methods.

Retain Capital Strength:
Purchase the equipment and technology you need today while spreading your payments affordably across time. This allows you to reserve your capital for other day-to-day expenses. Because a lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability, it does not appear as debt on your financial statement, making you more attractive to traditional lenders when you need them.

Leasing allows you to respond quickly as your need for equipment and technology arises. You can be approved for financing within hours through minimal documentation and you can have the equipment you need in operation and producing profits for your business, quickly and without hassles.

As your business grows and your needs change, you can add to or upgrade your lease at any point through add-on leases or master leases. If you anticipate growth, be sure to negotiate that option when you structure your lease program. You also have the option to include installation, maintenance and other services, if needed.

Avoid Obsolescence:
Leasing is an extremely attractive option for all your computer hardware and software purchases because technology becomes outdated very quickly. With a lease, your risk of getting caught with obsolete technology is lower because you can build upgrades and add-ons into the lease.

Customized solutions:
Leasing allows you to structure a financing program that addresses your key business issues, including: cash flow, budget, transaction, and cyclical fluctuations. For example, some businesses request seasonal leases, which allow them to schedule their payments during their busiest months allowing them to better align their expenses and revenues on a monthly basis.

Tax advantages:
Write off up to $112,000 on your 2007 taxes. The IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible overhead expense. Therefore, you can deduct the lease payments from your corporate income. Consult your tax advisor about your specific situation.

Asset management:
A lease provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments. It assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership.

For the best deals for stone splitters, bridge saws, concrete machines, diamond tools and other stone and granite machinery contact Heath Yarbrough 706-988-8501 for financing and leasing options.


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