Bridge Saw Sale $42K Installed

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Stone Expo Special!!! $35,500.00 Installed!
made in the USA

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New Automatic PLC Bridge Saw - Diaco Phoenix

DIACO unleashes it's brand new Phoenix Bridge saw, manufactured in the USA

  • · PLC controlled for automatic programing of cuts.
  • · Constructed of heavy duty steel square beams
  • · High quality (no oiling) linear slide bearing on X and Z movements.
  • · Powder coated for resistance against rust.
  • · Heavy duty 360 degree rotating table with manual random locking in any position.
  • · Hydraulic tilting table for easy loading of slabs.
  • · Blade can be manually tilted up to 45* for miter cutting.
  • · Laser light alignment system and comes standard with a wireless remote control for easy set up.
  • · 2 year warranty the new Phoenix Bridge saw cannot be matched in quality and price!
  • · Special show price includes installation in the lower 48 states.
    * Shipping will be at customer's expense. Customer must supply travel expenses of technicians during installation.
  • · TECHNICAL PARAMETERS (To convert mm to inches multiply mm x .0394)
    • · · Diameter of cutting piece 350mm - 600mm
    • · · Dimension of working platform 3000mm x 2000mm
    • · · Maximum cutting distance 3200mm
    • · · Maximum vertical blade travel 460mm
    • · · Maximum vertical travel distance for 450 edge rounding 325mm
    • · · Power of main electric motor 15kw
    • · · General power 19.45kw
    • · · Location angle for cutting (optional) 00, 450, 900, 1800, 270,0
    • · · Angle for cutting 00 - 450 0
    • · · Working platform 00 - 360 adjustable
    • · · Water consumption 2m3/h (water pressure>0.2Mpa)
    • · · Total weight 6000kg
    • · · Machine overall size(L x W x H) 6000mm x 5200mm x 3300mm

Call Heath at DIACO, LLC., 706-988-8501


Granite Monument Stone, Construction Stone & Slabs

Contruction Stone Monument Stone Supplier

Elite Stone Solutions is one of our sister companies that provides American Domestic Granite & Marble for monuments and the construction industry. Elite’s objective is to supply truly Environmentally Friendly granite construction stone and slabs produced in the United States. Granite monument slabs and stone for construction produced in the United States have less impact on the environment than any other natural stone, solid surface, or quartz product because American granite slabs are produced under strict US guidelines.  In addition, US granite requires only a fraction of transportation necessary for granite transported  from foreign countries. American granite monument slabs are available in many colors including Silver Cloud, Georgia Grey, Dakota Mahogany, Ebony Mist, American Black, Salisbury Pink, Barre Grey, Bethel White and Alabama White Marble.

We offer polished, flamed, honed, or brushed stone for monuments or construction Visit Elite Stone Solutions.

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