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Granite News & Granite press Releases 2009

Prefab Granite Countertops

Prefabricated Granite Countertops $7 per foot, or granite slabs from Rococo-Setimar Stone Group. Rococo offers you quarry-direct pricing from around the world. You can have Prefab Granite Countertop and Vanity Systems cut to order. Read more about prefab granite.

Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone prefab countertops tiles, slabs, and Jerusalem stone engineering stone for commercial projects.  Get all kinds of Jerusalem stone products for your hotel or resort project or buy Jerusalem stone in bulk quantities for any commercial retail stone seller. Get wholesale prices for all your stone needs.  Read more about Jerusalem stone.

Stone Dealer For Granite, Marble & Natural Stones

Become a natural stone distributor and supplier for Rococo Stone Traders and increase your bottom line. Rococo Stone Traders provides you with a unique opportunity for a variety of building, contracting and design entities to participate in the fast-growing and lucrative pre-fabricated natural stone industry as a natural and cut stone dealer. Pefab granite, granite and marble slabs, tile, engineering materials - every type of stone. Read more about becoming a stone dealer.

Granite & Marble Blog

Granite & marble news plus natural stone industry news is the topics of choice for the Rococo Stone Ganite and Marble Blog. It has a wealth of information about the what’s going on in the stone industry.  Read more about the granite & Marble blog.



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