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The new FUSION 4000 joins the FUSION 6000, 6200 and 8000 in the industry’s most complete offering of CNC saw/waterjets.

The FUSION™ 4000 is the fourth generation of CNC saw/waterjet systems from Park Industries. The new FUSION™ 4000 is designed and manufactured to fit your stone fabrication business – the footprint is nearly 50% smaller that the FUSION™ 6000! In addition, the revolutionary design allows fabricators to load and remove stone from the front and/or the side resulting in much more efficient material flow and greater machine productivity.
This dynamic CNC duo results in faster cuts, lower production and labor costs and greater uptime. One sawing head does double duty. The saw makes fast, straight cuts and the waterjet cuts complex curves with precision.

 The diamond blade cuts up to 180 inches per minute. The waterjet cuts up to 17 inches per minute. And with the saw and waterjet mounted on the same head, the change over time is the fastest in the industry – minimizing operator intervention and maximizing cutting time.

The easy touch-screen interface for the Siemens 840Di CNC control unit makes the FUSION™ 4000 an operator’s dream. Production is fast, too. The operator simply lays down the material (natural or quartz surface slabs), scans a bar code to call up the program, and the machine begins its work. It’s that simple.

At the end of the day, you get more productivity and quality finished stone from this smaller, smarter CNC saw/waterjet powerhouse.

The “Rule of 85.”
About 85% of cuts for countertop work are straight. Why is this important to you? It’s simple. Straight lines are best cut with a saw. It’s faster and cheaper. Why use a slower and more expensive, waterjet technology when you don’t have to? Use the FUSION’s waterjet system for what it does best – cutting curves and complex shapes and getting into those hard-to-reach places. And here’s the best part. It can all be done on one machine with minimal operator intervention.

Built for durability and performance.
All Park FUSION™ machines feature an ultra-rigid gantry supported on both ends which harnesses the cutting power of the unique sawing head configuration. FEA-designed StoneSpec™ StoneArch™ frame architecture provides superior machine rigidity for accurate cuts and industry-leading durability – maintaining maximum structural integrity during the sawing process for cuts within 1/64-inch throughout the length of the cut.
 Automated set up and layout is done off-line prior to cutting. And, when you add Park’s Pathfinder® station to the process, and you could virtually double your FUSION’s uptime.

Fast acceleration and deceleration results in high productivity and less shop labor costs. The exclusive Park HyperDrive™ System features dual, digitally synchronized servo motors driving precision ground helical gears flawlessly across a hardened rack and pinion system.

By “nesting” parts and cutting along common-line paths, Park’s exclusive Nested Base Stone Fabrication™ (NBSF), greatly reduces fabrication time and increases stone yield by nearly 10%. And the KerfPath™ Cutting Cycle blends the cuts between the saw and waterjet for significant labor savings and higher efficiency.

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