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Bridge Saws - DIACO PLC 350W Bridge Saw

Bridge Saws With Wireless Remote & 2 Year Warranty

Diaco PLC350 Bridge Saw

DIACO, LLC, who continues to set the pace with new Bridge Saws and Stone Machines, now has a new bridge saw with a wireless remote control. No running back and forth between the control panel and the cutting table. The operator can make all the adjustments for the bridge saw while at the cutting table using the wireless remote that is about the size of a cell phone. The new PLC 350W Bridge Saw is controlled by microcomputer for fully automatic operations, has laser cutting guide, and a liquid crystal touch screen interface in addition to the wireless interface. Even more important to some potential buyers is the full 2 year warranty that comes standard with the PLC 350W Bridge Saw - twice a long as most bridge saw warranties.

The DIACO PLC 350W Infrared Bridge Saw, primarily used for granite countertop fabrication is now priced at $38,950. This price includes the wireless remote control, tilting concrete cutting table, prefab walls, and the 2 year warranty. The PLC 350W is constructed from cast iron for the highest quality and best stability of any machine of its size on the market. The main beam has been machined to perfect tolerances to give it extremely straight cuts, while absorbing any minor vibrations during normal use. The saw head has a hydraulic locking unit to insure precise cut alignment and the gears run in a sealed bath of oil for continuous lubrication.

The PLC 350W Bridge Saw has a full 11.5 foot cutting length capability, and a laser cutting guide on the saw facilitates quick setup and ease of operation. An optional tilting head is available for additional cost. The concrete tilting turntable can tilt at 85 degrees to load slabs and rotates 360 degrees automatically with stopping points at 45,80,120,180,220,270,330 and 360 degrees. Prefabricated steel walls are standard with the PLC 350W so there is less setup expense when installing the saw. The price of the saw also includes setup anywhere in the United States.

This machine is offered only through DIACO, LLC, phone 706-988-8501 . Call today for lease or purchase options.


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