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MK Diamond Masonry Saws

Vibration damping system based on a unique D2M mass system that absorbs vibrations caused by the engine & diamond wheel.  Maintenance-free electronic ignition, fully enclosed to protect against dust & humidity. 3-Stage special air filtration system for clean, aspirated air. Electronic governing and "Happy-Start" starting system.
UL Approved.
MK-1270 Cut Off Saw
Engine Gas/2-Stroke
Performance 70cc (4.3 cu in)
Horsepower 5 hp (3.5kW)
Air Filter 3-Stage System
Blade Capacity 12" (300mm)
Arbor Size 20mm
Depth of Cut 4" (102mm)
Blade Shaft RPM 5015
Weight 26 lbs. (12 kgs)
Size LxWxH 19" x 14" x 15"
Size (mm) 480 x 360 x 380
Part # 157515

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Georgia Granite Association Companies manufacture and supply granite quarry machinery, large granite and stone working machinery and equipment for the granite and stone industry including diamond wire  saws, diamond belt saws, large granite saws, diamond saws, rail saws, stone cutting tools, granite routers and profiling machines, diamond tools, and parts and accessories for the granite industry.



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