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WF Meyers Diamond Belt Saw

WF Meyers Diamond Belt Saw is used in granite and stone quarries and cuts 2-3 times faster than diamond wire saws, up to 200 sqft per hour, depths to 16 ft, 30,000 ft between belt changes, 50-75HP, dust free, 8000 lbs, track mounted.  The control panel is mounted on a pendulum which turns 180 degrees. This gives the operator easy access to the controls along with the flexibility to work on all sides of the machine. The control panel is also removable and comes with a mounting stand and long cord for the added convenience and safety of operating the saw from a distance. The feed controls are monitored by a small computer with a digital readout showing the actual speed of cutting. If the belt would ever get hung up or pinched, the automatic shutdown activates to prevent costly damage to the belt. Our Diamond Belt Saw is your "no-blast", "low-noise" solution for making utility cuts or taking on excavation projects. Our diamond belt saws are available with a standard 240V or 480V, high-powered electric motor. We can also adapt a motor to meet your specific voltage needs.

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