Rock Bits, Drill Steels, Air Hammer Points

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Rock Bits and Drill Steels

Rock Bits and Drill steels are available from several Georgia Granite Association members and come in a variety of sizes and lengths.  Rock bits are available diamond tipped or carbide tipped to meet your drilling or doweling requirements.  Choose from hex or round drill steels, H-therad or rope thread bits and drill steels.  Click here for a Georgia Granite Association manufacturer or supplier.


Diaco Rock Bits, Carbide Tipped

Rock Bits for Mining, concrete doweling, drilling and demolition operations. Cross pattern or Ballistic Pattern, H-thread or rope threads in many different sizes.

Drill Steels for Minning or Concrete Doweling

Drill Steels for Minning or Concrete Doweling in a variety of lengths. Standard hex rope thread.

Wade Drill Steels

The new Wade Tool, Inc. bottom drive H-thread Wade Steels® (patent pending) drill steel, is the strongest, highest performance drill steel you can buy, and designed specifically for concrete doweling.  The new design combines a larger center air hole for increased air flow volume and concentrates the striking to the center of the bit.  Standard drill steels also available.

Air Hammer Points and Chisels

Points and Chisels for air hammers and air demolition tools in a variety if points and styles.  Carbided tipped, ..580 or .680 shanks, round or hex. 

Georgia Granite Association Companies manufacture and supply granite quarry machinery, large granite and stone working machinery and equipment for the granite and stone industry including diamond wire  saws, diamond belt saws, large granite saws, diamond saws, rail saws, stone cutting tools, granite routers and profiling machines, diamond tools, and parts and accessories for the granite industry.



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