Granite Counterop Routers and Profiling Machnes

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Granite Countertop Routers & Profiling Machines

The Georgia Granite Association now  supplies all types of granite countertop and stone working tools to the granite and stone industry.  Diamond saws, rail saws, granite countertop routers, diamond saw blades, diamond router bits, profiling machines and other machinery from the brands you can trust like DIACO, Gison, Red Ripper and other great companies. Below you find examples of the grantie tools available from GGA suppliers. Click here to find a GGA granite and stone machinery supplier.  

FLEX LWW2106VR Stone Profiling Machine

The Flex LWW2106VR is a precision machine designed to produce clean profiles and contours along the edges of natural stone slabs. After roughing in your edge design on your slab using this tool will give you a uniform and consistent edge. Click photo for more info.

Flex Stone Profiler  Machine 1506VR

The FLEX LWW1506VR is a precision economy machine designed to produce clean profiles and contours along the edges of natural stone slabs including granite and marble.  Click photo for more info.

Gison GPW-510A Air Profiling Machine (outside)

Pneumatic Edge Milling Machine (Inside / Outside). Used for milling inside sink cutouts or outside of granite countertops. Click Photo for more information.


MILWAKEE 3.5 HP GRIZZLY 3500 Router, designed to shape all types of natural and synthetic material.  The unique design of the Grizzly 3500 water plate, prevent scratches on the material while working.   Click photo for more info.

Red Ripper Jr.™ Router

Red Ripper Jr.™ Router   Built for grinding and polishing sinks and prefab work this little router is a serious workhorse for it's size and weight. Click photo for more info.

Red Ripper Router™
   This is the best stone router available. With our unique NWS belt drive you can cut harder and faster with a 2hp motor than with a basic flat belt and a 5hp motor. This results in less cost to you now and in the future! Click photo for more information.

Georgia Granite Association Companies manufacture and supply granite quarry machinery, large granite and stone working machinery and equipment for the granite and stone industry including diamond wire  saws, diamond belt saws, large granite saws, diamond saws, rail saws, stone cutting tools, granite routers and profiling machines, diamond tools, and parts and accessories for the granite industry.



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