ranite Countertop Profiling Machines and Routers

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Granite Countertop Routers and Profiling Machines

Granite Countertops tools specifically designed for the granite countertop fabricator, and large machinery for cutting and splitting large granite slabs are now available from several sources.  These tools include large granite saws that have diamond coated saw blades for long wear, (sometimes referred to as diamond saws), , diamond wire saws that use long continuous feeds of diamond coated wire to cut slabs or make specialty cuts, diamond drills or diamond bits for drilling granite, granite polishers that polish large slabs of granite for granite countertops, granite countertop routers and profiling tools routing decorative edges on granite countertops or sink cutouts, and other hand tools and accessories for all these countertop tools and large machinery.  


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Brief Description

MILWAKEE 3.5 HP GRIZZLY 3500 Router, designed to shape all types of natural and synthetic material.  The unique design of the Grizzly 3500 water plate, prevent scratches on the material while working.  Click photo for more info.

Extended Description

The Grizzly 3500 is capable to work with all kind of router bits up to 4cm.
Milwaukee Model 5625-20
Dimensions: 17.5 x 10.25
Speed:       10,000 to 22,000 RPM
H.P:           3.5, 15 AMPS
Must be use with a GFCI.
This motor is mounted in a base of special plastic with a very high resistance to the wearing down, wich form an inferior cavity that produce a fine film of water that reduces the friction.

Motor  Details:
Amps: 15
Watts: 1800
Volts: 120
Horsepower: 3-1/2 hp
Handle style: Dual Handle
No load speed: 10,000 to 22,000 rpm
Depth stop: Variable
Motor diameter: 4-1/4 in.
Motor construction: Ball Bearing
Cord length: 7-1/2 ft.
Country of manufacture: USA

Variable speed: Yes
Electronic speed control: Yes
Height adjustment: Yes
Auto-Release collet: Yes
Soft start: Yes
Electric brake: No
Chip deflector: No
Collet wrench included: Yes
Motor Dimensions:
Height: 10-3/8 in.
Length: 12-3/8 in.
Width: 7 in.
Weight: 9-1/2 lbs.
Whether you are doing a bullnose, ogee or other design this router is going to get your job done very fast.
You can work with any kind of granite or marble with it.




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