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Technistone Quartz Countertops

Technistone Quartz Countertops

Technistone was developed specifically for the Kitchen and Bath industry with today’s sophisticated homeowners desires and needs in mind. Technistone engineered stone combines the desirable characteristics of both solid surface products such as Corian® with natural stone products such as Granite and Marble. In bringing together these qualities, Technistone eliminates the weaknesses of both.

Depending on your life style or commercial application, quartz countertops may be a better choice than granite. Read on to learn more about this superior man-made countertop material.

What is Technistone?
Technistone is made using a combination of 93% Quartz, Quartz Silica, Granite or Recycled Mirror4, combined with 7% resin, colors and binders. This mixture is pressed into 52” x 120” x 3/4” or 1 1/4” sheets using Brenton’s proprietary vibration vacuum compression process. The sheets are then heat treated, cooled, ground (calibrated) and polished to a high gloss shine. Each sheet is then individually inspected under bright lighting for any flaws or possible defects. Technistone is the finest material available for your interior hard surfacing needs. 

Quartz countertop surface Leader
Technistone is the world leader in quartz surface innovations, with a reputation for excellence and quality worldwide. Our newest colors, Brown Pearl and Nordic, are recognized as two of the most beautiful and innovative colors yet to be developed in the Natural Quartz industry. Technistone continues “Leading the way” with unprecedented and unlimited possibilities in quartz surfacing.

Technistone is #1 in Quartz Countertop Performance

•Technistone is 99.9% solid. There are no crevices
or voids in Technistone for micro-organisms such as
Salmonella and Staph to grown in.
•Technistone is NSF 51 certified (National Sanitation
Foundation) for use in restaurants.
•Technistone cannot be stained by oils, wines, sodas,
and is unaffected by most acids and household cleaners.
•Technistone is color consistent, therefore design
issues such as conflicting grains, veins (movement) and
fissures are eliminated.
•Technistone is over 4 times stronger flexurally.
•Technistone comes with a 10 year warranty.

•Technistone is scratch resistant.
•Technistone is heat and scorch resistant.
•Technistone has long-lasting, durable, high gloss

Quartz Countertop Care and Use
Technistone is 99.9% solid and nearly impossible to stain. Residue on the surface appearing as a stain is most often topical. These topical stains are easily removed with a white nonabrasive scrubber and any one of the many household cleaners available today (i.e. Mr Clean, 409, Simple Green, Fantastic, etc.).

Technistone is heat and scorch resistant and under normal cooking conditions is not affected. A hot pot accidentally placed on Technistone momentarily, (though not recommended or guaranteed), is unlikely to cause the surface any harm. Exposure to extended or extreme heat can affect the beauty of any surface. To ensure optimum performance, excessive heat must be avoided. Technistone requires the use of trivets and/or hot pads when using electric countertop cooking devices or when placing hot pots or pans on the countertop. Your Technistone countertop is extremely durable. Follow these simple guidelines and it will remain beautiful and trouble-free for years to come.

RESIDENTIAL: Kitchen Countertops, Islands and
Table Tops, Bathroom Vanities, Tub and Shower
RESTAURANTS: Dining Tables, Bar Tops, Vanities,
Partitions, Walls, Food Preparation and Serving
FAST FOOD INDUSTRY: Table Tops, Serving
Preparation and Beverage Station 1bps.
HOSPITALITY: Work Tops and Sterile Prep Areas.

Technistone Quartz colors and patterns
Technistone is made with natural quartz materials. Because of the random variation in nature, the color, patterns, particulate shapes, sizes and shade will vary. These variations are an inherent characteristic of all quartz products and are to be expected. These variations in no way effect the performance of Technistone.

Technistone Characteristics

Heat Resistant
Scratch Resistant
High Gloss Shine
Stain Resistant
Consistency in Color
Chemical Resistant

10 Year Warranty
Technistone Quartz Countertops installed in residential applications have a limited 10 year warranty from the date of installation. This warranty guarantees Technistone countertops to be free from any manufacturing defects during this period. All warranty claims must be inspected and approved for warranty by an authorized Technistone representative to insure installation is in compliance with Technistone USA Inc.’s fabrication and installation specifications. Damage caused by negligence, abuse, and/or extreme heat is not covered under this warranty.



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