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Victor Oxy- Fuel Acetylene Weld Welding

Victor welding Tools & Supplies from Swiftco Supply

Victor Gas Outfit Torch Handle 100FC - Super Range DeluxeVictor Equipment was founded in 1913 by L.W. Stettner. Stettner, a welder by trade, suffered the loss of an eye from a welding accident and subsequently set out to design and build better, safer welding products. His designs for welding and cutting torches and regulators were quickly accepted and the original San Francisco-based Victor Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipment Company grew rapidly. Stettner's "safety oriented" designs resulted in numerous patents .

Today, Victor Gas Equipment is the world leader in gas apparatus, providing superior quality, reliable products, safety, and performance resulting in numerous product innovations including patented built-in flashback arrestors and check valves for torches.

Victor also includes oxy-fuel cutting and welding equipment such as oxy-acetylene and oxy-fuel welding and cutting apparatus, torch handles, cutting attachments, straight cutting torches, regulators, cutting tips, welding nozzles, cutting and welding outfits.

Victor products cover the full range of needs from general industrial to heavy duty mill and foundry requirements. Victor's gas apparatus line is the most complete selection offered from any manufacturer and the only one offering users the (patented) safety benefit of built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves.

Buy Victor Tools and Supplies at Swiftco Supply

Swiftco Supply’s inventory of Victor Thermadyne Welding Tools, Accessories and Supplies include Oxy-fuel Welding and Cutting Torches, Plasma Cutters, Arc Welding power supplies, hard facing and welding alloys, a wide array of manual and semi-automatic arc welding torches, cutting torch tips and accessories, and high pressure Acetylene Gas Gauges and Regulators control products.


Welding gloves, face masks, protective clothing and eye protection are also available at Swiftco, so you can get anything you may need for your welding or fabrication shop.  The Swiftco pros are available to help you and are only a phone call away.

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